Best Online SAT Prep Courses

Professional SAT prep materials give students a huge edge when it comes to improving SAT test scores. That’s why we spent 80+ hours and over $2,000 researching and trying out the most popular SAT prep courses available. Here’s what we recommend:

Program Starting Cost
Best Free Course: Khan Academy Official SAT® Practice Free
Best Results Guarantee: Princeton Review SAT Prep $499
Best Track Record: Kaplan SAT Prep $199
Best Newcomer: Kranse Institute SAT Prep $599
Best for Mobile: Magoosh SAT Prep $129
Best for Visual Learners: Olive Book SAT Course Free
Best Live Tutoring: Varsity Tutors SAT Tutoring $15/hour
Best Community: CollegeVine Free

More than half of our recommended prep courses include free access to materials. For example, while Varsity Tutors charges hourly rates for tutoring, free sign-up includes unlimited access to their online Learning Lab. With proper guidance, a motivated scholar can customize their own prep course at no cost.

Best Free Course: Khan Academy Official SAT® Practice

  • Best for every SAT test-taker.
  • The only official SAT prep course.
  • All course prep material is available 100% free (donations accepted).

Khan Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and the official partner of the College Board, administrator of the SAT. Khan Academy is invaluable for its exclusive resources. Students learn exactly what the upcoming SAT will look like, its content and format, and how to study for that test.

In addition to being the only official SAT prep course, it is one of very few that offers all of its services completely free. Khan Academy’s prep course is the best first step for any student preparing to take the SAT. For some students, it may be the only prep course they need or have time for.

Students have access to video lessons and examples, and detailed explanations of how sections are scored, including the number of questions for each subject. Students also have access to ten (10) free full-length practice exams. Practice exams are available to take online and to download and print. Kahn Academy even offers practice tests for use with assistive technology.

Khan Academy’s course material is also a helpful reference when you select a premium SAT prep course; know what is available for free before you decide what you want to pay for. Use practice exams as diagnostic tools to determine which subjects you need to spend more time studying.

To learn more about Khan Academy or to enroll for their SAT test prep course, click here.

Best Results Guarantee: Princeton Review SAT Prep

  • Score guarantees up to the 98th percentile.
  • Live instruction online and in person.
  • Private and 24/7 on-demand tutoring available.

Princeton Review offers multiple SAT prep courses, online and in-person, at various levels of intensity. Tutoring and 1-on-1 help is available, usually for an additional fee. All courses include 365 days of access to study and practice material. Discount codes may be available.

Princeton Review’s courses are high-end in terms of quality and price. Extensive course material and resources are available with the most modestly priced courses. Interactive study guides and progress trackers let students see themselves advancing. Instructional material is appealing and informative.

Among the best features is Princeton Review’s live instructional series, titled SAT Night Live. Prerecorded episodes are available in the archive.

Princeton Review’s private tutoring offers the best value among higher-end online tutoring services. This option includes a year of access to study materials, including drills, instructional videos, and practice questions. Best for self-starters and students with irregular schedules.

Princeton Review SAT Self-Paced

  • Best value with tutoring; add 10 hours of OnDemand tutoring for $200 (a 43% discount).
  • Options to includes ACT and AP Test prep.
  • Online only starting at $299.

For self-motivated students, Self-Paced is the best value. It includes access to most of the same practice and study materials available with any other Princeton Review package, minus the scheduled live online class time.

Screenshot of Princeton Review's SAT Self-Paced Coursework'

The abundance of quality coursework, videos and texts, practice exams, and more provide hundreds of hours’ worth of study and practice; this includes access to Princeton Review’s SAT Night Live episode archive; with a new instructor each episode, students have the benefit of a range of expertise and cumulative centuries of instruction experience.

The program includes almost 400 drills and over 3,000 practice test questions as well as full-length practice tests. If you take advantage of the discounted tutoring, you’ll have access to some of Princeton Review’s most valuable test prep resources: their instructors.

To learn more about Princeton Review or to enroll in Princeton Review’s SAT Self-Paced course, click here.

Princeton Review SAT Essentials

  • Princeton Review’s best option for most test-takers.
  • Unlimited access to SAT Advantage LiveOnline.
  • Live instruction online & in person for $949.

With 18 hours of scheduled class time, SAT Essentials fits well with a busy high school student’s schedule. Courses are available online and in person. Students also have a year of access to over 135 video lessons, as well as live study and review sessions. Essentials is sufficiently intensive for most test-takers.

To learn more about Princeton Review or to enroll in Princeton Review’s SAT Essentials course, click here.

Screenshot of Princeton Review's SAT Study Plan for Self-Paced'

Princeton Review SAT 1400+

  • Most popular of Princeton Review’s SAT prep courses.
  • 24/7 tutoring on-demand.
  • Live instruction online & in person for $1,849.

Students enrolled in SAT 1400+ have access to 24/7 tutoring with 36+ hours of live classroom instruction. The 1400+ score money-back guarantee* applies to students with a previous score of 1250 or higher (making the price of each additional point a maximum of $10.67). Students with lower starting test scores are still guaranteed* a 150-point improvement.

*This guarantee includes requirements such as completion of a majority of coursework.

To learn more about Princeton Review or to enroll in Princeton Review’s SAT 1400+ course, click here.

Screenshot of Princeton Review Module on Nonrestrictive Elements

Princeton Review SAT 1500+ Tutoring

  • 98th percentile score guarantee.
  • Live instruction online & in person for $278 per hour.
  • Includes ACT test prep.
  • Private tutoring is available.

SAT 1500+ Tutoring often tops SAT prep course “Best of” lists; this is objectively Princeton Review’s best course in terms of results. Notably, their 98th percentile score money-back guarantee is only valid with the successful completion of the 18-hour Comprehensive Tutoring package for a total cost of just over $5,000.

To learn more about Princeton Review or to enroll in Princeton Review’s SAT 1500+ Tutoring course, click here.

Screenshot of Princeton Review instructor from the live instruction series SAT Night Live

Princeton Review SAT Summer Camp

  • Best marathon cram session (cramming not recommended).
  • Most intensive of Princeton Review’s programs.
  • Best for test-takers with only two (2) weeks to study.
  • Live instruction online & in person for $1,499.

This two-week bootcamp makes use of the least effective method of study (i.e., “cramming”) at an exclusively high cost. Summer Camp offers many of the same study aids found in the Essentials course. The program includes unlimited SAT Advantage sessions, over 140 video lessons, and access more than half-a-million hours of Princeton Review’s LiveOnline session. Still consider this the option of last resort – it’s always better to study regularly over a long period, giving yourself the option to read and review.

To learn more about Princeton Review or to enroll in Princeton Review’s SAT Self-Paced course, click here.

Screenshot of Princeton Review's SAT Night Live instruction series archive

Best Track Record: Kaplan SAT Prep

  • The original test preparation company (founded 1938).
  • Longest positive track record among SAT prep courses.
  • Best physical textbooks.

Kaplan launched in 1938; its founder is generally considered the patriarch of SAT prep.[2] The company has been time-tested and does not appear to be resting on laurels. Kaplan offers one free online trial course, a 7- or 9-day free trial, and a money-back guarantee. ACT, Inc. has also partnered with Kaplan as the official live online prep for the ACT®.

Kaplan SAT On Demand

  • Improved score money-back guarantee.
  • Self-guided study any time.
  • Live instruction online and in person for $249.

Kaplan recommends at least 30 minutes of daily study to prepare for the SAT. Six (6) months of access includes 50+ instructional videos and over one thousand practice questions, which is enough for 8 – 10 weeks of self-guided instruction following Kaplan’s suggested practice regimen.

On Demand materials include over 1,000 practice questions, quizzes, full-length practice tests, and over 50 instructional videos. There is also a full-length course accessible at any time and led by an expert SAT instructor.

To learn more about Kaplan or to enroll in SAT On Demand, click here.

Screenshot of Kaplan's 9-day trial course'

Kaplan SAT Live Online

  • Best payment plan.
  • Choose one of nine (9) 2- to 10-week sessions.
  • Live instruction online and in person for $699.

SAT Live Online includes 18 hours of live instruction and 16 hours of elective instruction on demand. Scholars also have access to eight (8) practice tests in addition to all of the same material available with On Demand. The flexible payment plan is a bonus that may make all the difference for some scholars.

Kaplan’s Live Online program includes two-or-more teachers per class so students have exposure to a variety of study techniques. It also includes a high score guarantee (subject to successful completion of the course).

To learn more about Kaplan or to enroll in SAT Live Online, click here.

Screenshot of Kaplan's 9-day trial course study plan'

Kaplan SAT Live Online + Tutoring

  • Best sample of Kaplan tutoring.
  • Choose one of nine (9) 2- to 10-week sessions.
  • Live instruction online and in person for $1,999.

PLUS includes the Live Online course with three (3) hours of tutoring; at an additional $400, this is equivalent to Buy-2-Get-1-Free. Tutoring is generally only available in blocks of 10, 20, 30, or 40 hours.

To learn more about Kaplan or to enroll in SAT Live Online PLUS, click here.

Screenshot of Kaplan's 9-day trial course QBank'

Kaplan Unlimited Prep

  • Best classtime flexibility.
  • Includes prep for PSAT, ACT, and AP exams.
  • Live instruction online and in person for $1,999.

Unlimited Prep covers material for most college entrance exams, including advanced placement tests. Scholars may schedule classes any time and take as many courses as they like until December of their senior year of high school. This course also includes 10 physical textbooks; research indicates that physical books may be more effective than text on screen for reading comprehension and memorization.

To learn more about Kaplan or to enroll in SAT Live Online PLUS, click here.

Best Newcomer: Kranse Institute SAT Prep

  • Available on any internet-connected device.
  • 540+ days of access to study & practice material.
  • Lifetime access to mobile app.
  • Online video instruction for $599.

Kranse Institute’s test prep courses are updated annually and designed to take advantage of modern lifestyles. Course material is accessible from any internet-capable device and divided into 147 standalone clips averaging 10 minutes in length; this is ideal for frequent brief study sessions, which most experts agree is the best way to study.

As Kranse Institute’s website reiterates, again and again, Kranse creator Shaan Patel was one of only seven (7) students to earn a perfect score the year he took the SAT. The strategies he teaches in Kranse video lessons are the same ones he used (with some minor tweaks after learning from experience) to get his perfect score.

Also a selling point is Dr. Patel’s season 10 win on Shark Tank in which he pitched a new test prep service; this is not actually Kranse Institute but Prep Expert, which offers more traditional SAT prep courses.[1]

For example, their courses claim to be accessible on any internet-capable device via website or app. This presumably includes smartwatches, game consoles, and even smart appliances. Kranse also divides its video lessons by subject into standalone sections that may be as short as 2:55, with the longest running just over 20 minutes.

To learn more about Kranse Institute or to enroll in SAT Prep, click here.

Best for Mobile: Magoosh SAT Prep

  • Best mobile interface.
  • Live online courses and video lessons.
  • Vocabulary challenges vs. other scholars.

Magoosh’s mobile applications have the most versatility, allowing students to study and practice using multiple tested methods. Students can quiz themselves and each other. The user-friendly interface is perfect for learning on the go. Partial access is available with a 7-day free trial that includes a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Magoosh SAT Self-Paced

  • Best value self-paced course.
  • Thousands of hours of video lessons.
  • Live online and video instruction for $129.

The best relatively low-cost self-paced SAT course, Magoosh’s self-paced offers more practice material and guidance than other programs that cost more. For one year, students have access to over 200 video lessons and test explanations, tutor email support, practice tests, flashcards, and other study aids.

This program includes a 100-point boost guarantee (subject to completion of specific course requirements).

To learn more about Magoosh or to enroll in Magoosh’s SAT course, click here.

Screenshot of video explanation from Magoosh's mobile application'

Magoosh SAT Guided Study

  • Best mobile live instruction.
  • The same benefits as Magoosh self-paced but with additional guidance.
  • Live online & video instruction for $399.

Guided Study includes everything the Self-Paced course does, plus 16 hours of live instruction with an instructor whose SAT score was in the 99th percentile. In addition to fiscal value, Magoosh is mobile-friendly; it’s the best option for students who are on the move. This may also be the best option for students who want to take a traditional test prep course but do not have access to a computer.

To learn more about Magoosh or to enroll in Magoosh’s SAT course, click here.

Screenshot of Magoosh mobile dashboard

Best for Visual Learners: Olive Book SAT Course

  • Animated video explanations.
  • Free study available.
  • Live online & video instruction for $899.

Visual learners may work best with Olive Book, which uses animated videos as its primary text. Its website claims the average student boosted their SAT score by 160 points using the Olive Book paid course. Research indicates that animation is an effective teaching tool.[3]

Olive Book’s best offering is its animated videos. Otherwise, course content and material are fairly standard. In other words, this course is best for students who continue to struggle with concepts, explanations, or paying attention.

While most SAT prep courses include some element of visual learning, Olive Book’s animated approach may improve student performance more than a live-action or nonanimated video.

Two-thirds of K-12 teachers believe animation is an effective visual aid. Animation reminds viewers of cartoons; students recall pleasant experiences watching cartoons, prompting them to pay more attention to the lesson. Furthermore, animated explanations stimulate creativity, which fuels problem-solving.

Students who complete at least 75% of the course are guaranteed to score at least 1350 or their money back.

To learn more about Olive Book or to enroll in Olive Book’s SAT Course, click here.

SAT Scores & Percentiles
Percentile Among SAT Test Takers Among National Sample
99+ 1560 – 1600 1520 – 1600
99 1520 – 1550 1450 – 1510
98 1490 – 1510 1420 – 1440
97 1470 – 1480 1390 – 1410
96 1450 – 1460 1370 – 1380
90 – 95 1350 – 1440 1290 – 1360
typical cutoff for selective institutions
85 – 89 1290 – 1340 1240 – 1280
80 – 84 1250 – 1280 1190 – 1230
70 – 79 1170 – 1240 1120 – 1180
60 – 69 1110 – 1160 1060 – 1110
50 – 59 1050 – 1100 1010 – 1050
40 – 49 990 – 1040 960 – 1000
30 – 39 930 – 980 910 – 950
typical cutoff for most institutions
20 – 29 860 – 920 840 – 900
10 – 19 780 – 850 770 – 830
1 – 9 630 – 770 630 – 760
-1 400 – 620 400 – 620

Best Live Tutoring: Varsity Tutors SAT Tutoring

  • Tutor satisfaction guarantee.
  • Free access to learning lab.
  • Live online and video instruction.
  • Tutoring prices vary.

Varsity Tutors prep courses don’t offer anything special per se, but Varsity may be the best option for students who are unsure if they want to commit to an entire prep course or long-term tutoring. Varsity Tutors may also be the best option for students who need to use a mobile device for online tutoring. Tutoring sessions start as low as $15 per hour and include a tutor satisfaction guarantee.

Screenshot of list of Varsity Tutors' test prep courses'

The range of tutors available on Varsity is impressive. The lowest prices are for tutors who are still students, but professional tutors are also available. You may work with college graduates, adjunct instructors, and retired professors.

You and your tutor schedule meeting times on Varsity Tutors’ Live Learning Platform. If you and your tutor don’t click, Varsity will pair you with another tutor and include a free session.

Structured group instruction is also available.

To learn more about Varsity Tutors or to enroll in SAT Tutoring, click here.

Screenshot of Varsity Tutors' mobile app login'

Best Community: CollegeVine

  • Online peer community.
  • 1-on-1 advising available.
  • Live online and video instruction.
  • Free to join; advising prices vary.

CollegeVine offers a nontraditional kind of prep that includes interactive live streams with established experts and peer discussion. The website is a hub for college-bound and -aspiring students to pool resources and connect with tutors/advisors. Sign-up is free and includes one automatic entry for CollegeVine’s weekly scholarship drawing.

Screenshot of CollegeVine's member dashbaord'

Join a community on CollegeVine, such as Admissions Advice or Paying for College, and get community updates on your feed. There are even communities for individual institutions so you can connect with students at your target schools.

The more active you are on CollegeVine, the more Karma you collect; Karma refers to a point system you can use to purchase perks, such as entries for the weekly scholarship drawing. By incentivizing active usership, CollegeVine maintains a thriving online community of current and aspiring students.

Peer study groups are effective for test preparation; share tips for studying, test-taking, and admissions. Submit essays for peer review or hire a professional tutor.

CollegeVine’s online tools also help students select colleges and navigate the admissions process. Resources include an admissions calculator to help you get a general idea of where you stand in terms of acceptance.

To learn more about CollegeVine, click here.

Screenshot of CollegeVine's Live Streams'


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