About EducationData.org

Welcome to EducationData.org! This website seeks to make data about the U.S. education system more open & accessible.

We’re a team of researchers that believe important discussions in education deserve to start from a place of fact, not opinion. From hot button topics like student loan debt to high school graduation rates, our mission is to make sure the data surrounding these topics is open & accessible.

Through institutions such as the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and the World Bank, we have an unprecedented view at what’s really happening in our schools (and what’s not), but we haven’t taken full advantage of these sources. Data that can inform public policy lies buried in tables & PDFs, and it’s our mission to bring them to a larger audience.

Some of our breakdowns are simple, such as the Number of College Graduates per Year and how those numbers breakdown. Some of our breakdowns are more complex, such as calculating the true Cost of College and how that’s changed across generations. No matter what the debate is, it’s important to start it from a place of undisputed truth.