About the Education Data Initiative

Welcome to the Education Data Initiative at EducationData.org. We’re a small team of researchers with a mission to collect data and statistics about the U.S. education system and organize them in an accessible, comprehensive fashion.

Raw data sources are available at the bottom of each page. While most of our raw data is available to the public from academic and federal sources, such as the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), they are often buried in cumbersome tables, zip files, and legal disclosures. Our unique presentation and extrapolation streamline the research process and highlight critical data.

The Education Data Initiative is designed to be a resource for students, teachers, policy makers, writers, and reporters. We expect analysts and others who use our research to honor our mission, use appropriate citation standards, and not knowingly promote misinformation. The Education Data Initiative does not necessarily condone or approve of any resulting third-party material.

Important discussions in education deserve to start from a place of fact. Our future depends on it.

Meet the Team

Melanie Hanson, Senior Editor

Ben Luthi, Head of Content Review