Melanie Hanson

Melanie hanson 300x300 on EducationDataMelanie Hanson is the senior editor for She is an educator, research analyst, and a huge fan of Scholastic Reformer and Philosopher John Dewey.

This Univeristy of Iowa alumnus began teaching as a graduate assistant while she earned her master’s degree in writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Since then, she has led classrooms from the kindergarten level through senior undergraduates. In working with postsecondary students, she focuses on research and source vetting. At the primary and secondary levels, she encourages critical thinking and exploration.

When she’s not using her research skills to promote educational accessability, her most-published topics are art and literary journalism. Her work has appeared in Little Village, Design+Decor, White Ash Literary Magazine, River Cities’ Reader and Revolver, among others. She lives in Iowa City, where she also practices horticulture and experimental art.

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